Chapter 15 – Persuasion with Violence

       Immediately on the second floor, there was a door with “President’s Office” written on it. The door was made out of metal, in case of a raid.        Keisuke twisted the door knob, but it was locked and wouldn’t open. Having no other choice, he penetrated the door with a punch, reached out for

Chapter 12 – Is it a Lie or the Truth?

“You went through all this trouble just to ask me to help your boyfriend? You’re sure a devoted girlfriend.” (Keisuke) “Leo is not my boyfriend. He is my big brother.” (Rio) “You’re siblings? You don’t look alike, though.” (Keisuke) “Of course, it is because we have a different father.” (Rio) ‘I guess her household is

Chapter 11 ~ Re-encounter

In the end, four bowls still broke even after I made that vow to myself. However, this time, it wasn’t my fault. The store manager piled up dirty bowls, one after another, into the sink. He had done it so fast that there wasn’t enough time to wash them. They fell down and thus began

Chapter 9 – Bad Insects Repellent

From her pale complexion, how serious the situation was transmitted, —“there’s ghost”. It was not just a rumor, but there really was a ghost. Just one thing, I’m a bit curious about the reason she chosen “swarmed” expression. Somehow, that reminds me about fluorescent light on the ceiling. The carcass of insects which invaded in

Chapter 7 – The Price of Salvation

“—I’m happy. To be chosen as a sacrifice, it means that I’m your most beloved woman, right?”   Please don’t say such a thing, Elsa! My life doesn’t have any meaning unless you’re there. I became a hero because I wanted to protect you. Just the two of us, let’s run away to a distant