Chapter 7 – The Price of Salvation

“—I’m happy. To be chosen as a sacrifice, it means that I’m your most beloved woman, right?”   Please don’t say such a thing, Elsa! My life doesn’t have any meaning unless you’re there. I became a hero because I wanted to protect you. Just the two of us, let’s run away to a distant

Chapter 6 – Starting as Parent and Child

I stared at her jade-colored eyes, and wordlessly reprimanded her actions. “You probably don’t understand your own feelings right now.” (Keisuke) “……….I’m not a child!” (Angelica) “But to me, you are. Grudge towards those who pushed the status of a sacred shrine maiden to you, the curiosity towards men in general, the admiration towards the

Chapter 5 – To Come Round

I asked the sacred shrine maiden who showed a bright captivating smile, a question while flinching. “H-How old are you…..? In this country, women can’t marry unless they’re at least sixteen years old.” (Keisuke) “What a coincidence! I just turned sixteen last month, so there’s no problem.” (Angelica) “That’s right! Even if you’re sixteen years

Chapter 4 – Compensation

I climbed the stairs of my apartment while generating a rhythmic sound. I was living alone in this place. I got around ¥100,000 each month from my part-time job, so it was a pretty tough life. With ¥30,000 I received from my parents monthly, I managed to live my current life. Yeah, that was my

Chapter 3 – Lion Hunting

I called up a status window by muttering in a low voice. In an instant, a semi-transparent rectangle jumped into sight. The detailed specifications of the boy who was scowling at me were listed on it. Name : Saitou Shishiou Level : 1 Class : High School Boy HP : 100 MP : 0 Attack

Chapter 1 – The Hero’s End

I’ve done something irreparable. There should have been another way to do it, but I had chosen the worst possible path. That’s right. I certainly saved the world. I was called the strongest hero in history. I killed the demon king single handedly. But there were too many things I had lost. So this might