Let’s be an Adventurer, Ch. 1, Part 1

Let’s be an Adventurer

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Please report dungeon occurrences. Part 1.


Since it was past business hours when Haruki discovered the Dungeon, he contacted the government faculties on the next day.


“Since your garage has become a Dungeon please fill out the registration form.”


If you would’ve listened to those lines five years ago,  you would’ve thought that you called the wrong number.

— While thinking this Haruki was listening to the speaker at his ear


Understood. We will visit your home with a self-defence group right away.


Listening to the voice it seemed that he was talking with a man in his mid-thirties.

What would you think if you would’ve seen my appearance when I entered the office. The struggling owner of a shadow voice that is…


I think it is really troublesome.



“Where’s the Dungeon? It’s the place the owner told us.”


“Take it slow, I’ll call him.”

“Excuse me!”



At last, the government officials recognized Haruki’s existence because of the loud noises.

While it is usual, it still hurt Haruki a little.

Even though I went wearing a flashy red shirt, not even a glimpse landed on me.


On the other hand, after recognizing him, they seemed like thinking “This guy has a terrible sense of style.” when looking at him.


In fact, it was supposed to be so.


The surrounding gazes were cold.


“I’m very sorry, could you be Karaboshi-san?”

“I am.” (Haruki)

“Excuse me, Karaboshi-san, but do you have a licence?”


The licence of being a qualified adventurer.

Haruki slightly drew back his jaw.


“Yes, I got it this term.” (Haruki)

“Hmhm. Did you already delve into the dungeon?”

“No. I thought it would be better to let you guys handle it first.” (Haruki)

“That’s a good decision.  Is it fine if we immediately set up the barricade?”


After Haruki nodded, four teams of the self-defence force took out sandbags and barbed wire from the car and began working.


They normally don’t block the entrance of the Dungeon, because if it’s blocked another entrance will appear somewhere else.


And block it somewhere else again. Block it at another place…  and repeat it.


In addition, the possibility of a stampede increases each time.


A stampede is a state where monsters overflow from a Dungeon. Because of this, some countries have nearly been overrun by monsters. It indeed is a dangerous Phenomenon.


Even if an overflow occurs, just build a barricade with sandbags and barbed wire that isn’t overrun easily and confine it on the occasion of an emergency.


Simply putting up barricades to address the monsters is just as time earning.


Which is the job of the Self-Defence-Force.


The SDF consists of those belonging to the Fire and Police departments.

Alias the people in charge of dungeon countermeasures.


They carry the duty of thinning out monsters overflowing from dungeons.

Of course, the SDF is doing so. But for marching over all 200 Dungeons all over Japan, the SDF is just a little bit insufficient.


As a result, the police and firefighters help to defend by building a self-defence team.


The four men set up sandbags one by one as if they did not feel the weight.
It probably is because of the training against Monsters.
Their speed is incredible.

They placed sandbags around the garage and stretched barbed wire on top of it.
At the entrance of the dungeon, a door with security cameras, an IC card reader and retinal scanners, were built.

By a revision of the law after the first stampede, the owner of the land nearby a dungeon becomes the country.

In other words, entering it without meeting the requirements is trespassing.

If it wouldn’t be so, some people with playful intentions would meet the worst end, which was a repeated occurrence.
– It happened pretty often.


That’s why the country did a good job by announcing “This is our property so don’t enter it!”.
It is the last resort against those guys.

After securing the dungeon entrance (rather like making it more narrow) the work was finished.

“We’re done.”

That was fast. Only about one hour passed since they began building it.
I’m surprised at how fast they can be.

How strong is this whole unit together anyways?

“By the way, was anything lost to the dungeon?”

When Dungeons appear it is common that the swallow everything above them.

Like with Haruki’s garage, when the stairs of the Dungeon appears things, even careless humans or pets, get erased.

There haven’t been any cases yet because dungeons tend to rather appear in isolated places.
Actually, there are even some cases where premises of subway stations were isolated to increase the possibility.

“Actually… my snowplow.” (Haruki)
“That’s… unfortunate.”
“Yeah…” (Haruki)

He seemed to understand the pain of losing the snowplow very well.
At once the mood was damped.

“Will you be able to go in after this?”
“That’s the plan.” (Haruki)
“Is that so. Please take care of yourself. It is said ‘Adventurers come across many ways to die’, but surviving is important.”
“Yes, Thank you. And also the Self-Defence-Team, thank you too.” (Haruki)

Thank you for always protecting this city.
I guess these thoughts were delivered.
Even after finishing their work the four men, not feeling any fatigue, aligned with fast movements and began to salute.

However, their line of sight was not fixed on a certain point.

Yeah, they haven’t seen me yet.

It is enough already!


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  1. Hey I’m a newcomer here, I just wanna point out things i found them hard to understand.

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    And second, “it is enough already!” I believe it was iikagen ni shiro? Iiif that’s how it was, I believe “enough already!” Is a better phrasing.

    Thank you for the chapter! I’ll continue reading… Btw can you add next chapter button in every page?

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