Chapter 14 – The Other World Hero’s Cheat Power

       Keisuke and Rio arrived at Gondo’s office. While looking up to the building, the two stood a little away from the gate.

       Two-story office with simple appearance, that itself was within the range of common sense. However, the fence of concrete walls surrounding it, emphasized unnecessary defense force for a mere office building.

       The out of place building located in a quiet residential area with the atmosphere resembling that of a dungeon, it was the job of the hero to capture such a dangerous facility.

“Let’s do it!” (Keisuke)

       Keisuke advanced towards the gate while cracking his fingers to psych up himself before the assault. Next to him, Rio was coming along quietly.

“Hey. I can’t let you follow me further than this, wait here!” (Keisuke)

“Why!? I’m fine with blood. Or is this because I’m a girl? That kind of thinking is outdated.” (Rio)

“I don’t care whether it’s outdated or brand-new.” (Keisuke)

“It’s not like I will join the fight. Besides, the other people can’t see me right now, do they? Then there’s no problem.” (Rio)

It doesn’t matter whether they can see you or not. Our opponents are gang members, there’s a possibility of getting hit by stray bullets if they use guns.

I’m thinking for your sake, so why don’t you understand? Please don’t increase my workload.

“Just shut up wand wait outside! Listen to what the adult says!” (Keisuke)

I used a quite harsh tone to her. It seems I’m a little excited because I’m about to enter a battle.

Will she be afraid of me? Or, will she get angry instead?

       Keisuke silently observed Rio’s reaction. For some reason, her face turned red while her body trembling. She also seemed somewhat happy.

“YES!” (Rio)

       The answer came with a shrill voice, strangely.

………… let’s pretend I didn’t see anything!

I received a favorable response, even though most girls were supposed to give the opposite one. But well, I shouldn’t think too deeply about it. Yeah, she must be mentally unstable right now because her brother was kidnapped.

I want to think so. Even if it’s not, I want to think so….

       Keisuke cleared his throat and jumped over the fence. He canceled the hiding magic, considering that it would be better to give his opponents a sense of fear towards him. Next, he shot a light ball bullet to the surveillance camera facing his way.

It’s not like I don’t want to be seen, it’s the opposite. I wanted to raise the sense of crisis of those who were watching the video.

       Keisuke kicked the windowpane, and proceeded further.

I think it’s about time for the punch-permed men group to pop out with guns in their hands.

       Two men came out from behind the hallway while Keisuke had such a retro imagination. Two middle-aged men with tanned skins despite being winter season. One plump and one tall, while both of them really looked like bad guys because of their rough clothes. Unfortunately, their hairstyle was not a punch perm.

“Hey, Brother! What’s the meaning of this?”

       He asked with an unnatural hoarse voice, that was impossible unless he yelled with a loud voice on his daily routine. Scenes where a yakuza extorted someone while shouting popped out in Kaisuke’s head. The worthless way of life that affected both his face and his vocal cord.

“I’m looking for Gondo, where is he?” (Keisuke)

       The answer from Keisuke’s question was a straight punch to his face from the plump man.

I have an unpleasant feeling about this. His fist that hit me might have broken. I mean, my defense power is 45680 after all. It’s harder than steel. Anyway, it’s a suicidal act to hit my body directly.

“Take care of your hands. Those are a business tool for yakuza, right?” (Keisuke)


       The plump man crouched down while holding his right hand. His shoulder tremble while his mouth kept leaking a comical groan.

“……..what the hell are you?”

       The tall man took out a gun from his breast pocket.

It’s finally a gun’s turn. I’m not interested in firearms, so I’m not really sure about this information. But, won’t the bullet bounce back if you shoot a metal target with it?

“Stop it! The weapon that’s designed with the assumption of human as the opponents wouldn’t work on me. You will hurt yourself instead.” (Keisuke)

“Are you trying to bluff?”

Hey, listen to what other people say!

       Several dry shooting sound resounded as the bullets left the muzzle towards Keisuke’s chest. But all of them bounced back everywhere, hit the floor and the ceiling while drawing a complicated maneuver before finally penetrating the tall man’s shoulder and knees in the end.


“You will get yourself killed even without me doing anything at this rate….” (Keisuke)

       Keisuke asked the tall man who had fallen dramatically once again.

“So where’s Gondo?” (Keisuke)

“……..I’d rather die!”

I’ve never thought of hearing such heroic words from a gang member in this day and age. How admirable, his spirit for not easily selling his boss. The demons in that world will fluently tell you confidential informations when they are put in this kind of situation.

“I don’t dislike that kind of attitude. Or rather, I really respect it. But you’re a bad guy here, so hurry tell me where is Gondo?”

“If…. If you have women in your family…. I will make sure they experience something worse than death…. for the rest of their life….  You’d better be prepared….”

“I was thinking how admirable of you until those disgusting threat coming from your mouth.” (Keisuke)

       Keisuke trampled and crushed the tall man’s knee.


I’m good at breaking the dishes. Chinese dish at ramen shop or even knee dish.

“I hate when someone is targeting the people I care about. That makes me want to kill the other party out of necessary. I don’t like myself when I’m behaving so brutal.” (Keisuke)

“Gyaa…. Guaah….”

       Keisuke moved his fingertip closer to the nose of tall man who opened his mouth in agony, and casted a flame magic from it.

“This will be more painful when I burn your eyes. Say it quickly, where is Gondo?” (Keisuke)


“Okay, let’s try it!” (Keisuke)

“President office room! He is in the president office room! Go straight then turn left, there are stairs there. You can see the room immediately after climbing it.”

“It looks like the pain has made you able to speak properly now. Then, where is the high school boy that Gondo brought? The delinquent-looking boy with blonde hair and a lot of piercings ….” (Keisuke)

“…….. that brat is with Gondo-san.”

       Keisuke left behind the tall man and advanced toward the president office room, following the route he learned from him.

       On the way, a man with a knife rushed towards Keisuke. He flew few meters and his head stuck on the ceiling after Keisuke reflexively hit him,

He looks like a Teru Teru Bōzu doll with a bad taste.

I hope he won’t die.

“I will forever make it a sunny day with the power of my grudge” I don’t want that kind of background story after all.

       Keisuke looked up to the avant-garde art swaying on the ceiling while climbing the stairs.

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Shujinkou Note:

  • Punch perm (パンチパーマ) is a type of tightly permed male hairstyle in Japan. From the 1970s until the mid-1990s, it was popular among yakuza, chinpira (low-level criminals), bōsōzoku (motorcycle gang members), truck drivers, construction workers, and enka singers.




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