Chapter 13 – Don’t Look at Me with Such Eyes

I totally forgot to close the status window because I was too shocked.

【 She doesn’t realize it herself, but she’s conscious of Keisuke as a love interest. 】

I mean, isn’t this strange? I haven’t done anything that could make her develop those kinds of feelings toward me.

I simply gave first aid to her brother whom I’d beaten myself, and left the place briskly. But for her, it seemed like I looked cool and strong.

Because of her family’s circumstances, she lives her life while feeling threatened by her mother’s boyfriends. Does it make me look like an ideal father figure for her?

【 She doesn’t realize it herself, but she’s conscious of Keisuke as a love interest. 】

No matter how many times I tried to close the status window, my hand would stop on its own, and I couldn’t take my eyes off that sentence.

It’s written that she’s interested in me as the opposite sex. Even though the person herself seems unaware, the feeling really exists somewhere. I’m a man, after all. To receive such feelings from a high school student who looks like an idol, I couldn’t help but feel happy. In addition, her face looks exactly like Elsa.

“……will you help me? Or, are you still mad at us? Then, what should I do…? I’ll do anything…!” (Rio)

She’s looking at me with eyes full of anxiety. Long eyelashes, and her black pupils are wet with tears. A few strands of disheveled hair get caught on her lips. However, there’s a strange sex appeal around her. Even the atmosphere started to somehow drift toward the wrong direction.

Shit, what I am thinking? Her age is half of mine. But thinking that she’s conscious of me as the opposite sex, she suddenly becomes more charming for some reason.

“Do you think you can take advantage of me at will? Please don’t think that all older men like high school girls!” Well, I was going to say these words until a while ago, but….

       Keisuke averted his eyes from Rio’s while pretending to be calm.

“O-Okay, but it’s not for free!” (Keisuke)

The truth is, I don’t need anything in return. But it seems I have begun to feel attachment towards this girl, which is not a good thing. Therefore, I want to convince myself that I’m not doing this for her, but for some kind of compensation.

“Should I pay with…. money?” (Rio)

       Rio clenched her hands tightly.

“That’s not it. There are the other ways to convey your sincerity.” (Keisuke)

I’m thinking of asking her to do something in return, and that is, buying underwear for Angelica.

I mean, it’s embarrassing to buy it by myself. I don’t know what her size is, and I don’t know what kind of underwear I should choose. Rio is a girl, so if I tell her about Angelica’s physique, I’m sure she can buy some suitable underwear.

       When Keisuke tried to convey that idea, Rio backed away while embracing her body as if to protect it from him.

“D-Do you want my body? …. will you save Leo if I do it? I don’t have experience with men, so I think I’m bad at it…. but if it’s fine with you, I….” (Rio)

“WRONG!!” (Keisuke)

       Keisuke threw out a word of denial with his full power, toward the girl who blushed in shame.

What’s going on inside the head of high school girls these days? If an adult man wants them to do something, don’t jump to the conclusion that it’s some sexual stuff.

Ugh, my head hurts…. It seems like this sort of thing still happens a lot. How disgusting! There’s no progress since 2000.

“I’m not after your body! It’s underwear, underwear! I need a girl’s underwear right now!” (Keisuke)

“Understood….” (Rio)

“Don’t take it off! Don’t take it off! I didn’t mean your underwear! I’d like you to buy it for me! New underwear!” (Keisuke)

       Rio, who had lowered her white underwear halfway down her legs, stopped moving completely.

“Right now, in my house, ummm…. a girl from distant relatives…. is staying over. Y-Yeah…. that’s right, and she forgot to bring change of underwear, so I need to prepare it somehow or another.” (Keisuke)

“……..but, you can just let her buy it herself.” (Rio)

“She’s a foreigner…. Moreover, she came from a developing country like that of the medieval era. This is her second day in Japan and I don’t think she can go shopping by herself.” (Keisuke)

       Rio pulled up her panties a little while adjusting its position.

“Someone from Africa…?” (Rio)

“Y-Yeah, somewhere around it. I was planning to buy it on the way home, but…. it’s embarrassing, after all. If there’s an uncle who brings girls’ underwear to the cash register, what would they think?” (Keisuke)

“……..but, you can just say that it’s for your girlfriend or your wife.” (Rio)

“Do I look like have one?” (Keisuke)

“I can’t see it.” (Rio)

She cut it off at the drop of a hat. I wish she could have held my feelings in consideration a little, though….

“And those are the circumstances. So I would like you to help me buy the underwear. Don’t worry, I will give you the money for that. In exchange, I will retrieve your big brother from those gang members. How’s that?” (Keisuke)

       Rio still seemed to have some doubts left.

“Have you suddenly become somewhat gentle?” (Rio)

“No, well….” (Keisuke)

       Keisuke started cracking his fingers and doing some stretching.

“Anyway, where’s the office that Leon-kun was brought to? I’m good at fighting but I’m not good at finding things. Please tell me if there are any clues.” (Keisuke)

“I got it, an easy-to-understand clue.” (Rio)

       Rio searched her pocket and took out a business card.

“Gondo left some of his business cards in the house.” (Rio)

       Keisuke received and checked it.

There’s nothing like “XXXX Gang” written on it, as expected, but his personal information is stated exquisitely.

“Takashi Gondo, representative of Gondo Construction Co. Ltd.” (Keisuke)

This is his public face, it’s called a yakuza’s front company. Both the address and the telephone number are stated properly. You would never think that there’s a crime group behind it.

“It’s pretty far. It’s about 20 km from here, I guess?” (Keisuke)

“Are you going to ride a bus? But if Mister has a car, I’d be glad if you let me ride it.” (Rio)

Too bad, I only have a mama’s bike. Sigh….a man in his thirties who doesn’t have a car or a house. Once again, I realize how sad my life is.

“……I will go on foot.” (Keisuke)

“You don’t have a car?” (Rio)

“I’ll run with full power, or fly…. I’ll be there in no time!” (Keisuke)

“Why don’t you just take the bus?” (Rio)

‘Because riding the bus is wasting money!’ …I can’t tell her that, can I?

“I can reach a few tens of meters with a vertical jump. If I just jump over the rooftops of the neighboring buildings, it will be fine.” (Keisuke)

       Keisuke got into the posture for jumping while ignoring Rio, who was struck speechless.

I should not forget to activate the Hiding magic so that other people won’t see me. I don’t want to see a news report about a human rocket flying over the city in the afternoon news program, after all.

       Rio suddenly called out Keisuke who was lost in his own thoughts.

“Bring me with you!” (Rio)

Impossible, it’s too dangerous. What are you thinking? I’m not going to take a girl, who seems to like me, to such a dangerous place.

“I’m not going there to play around!” (Keisuke)

Even though I said it as coldly as possible, she doesn’t seem to show any reaction.

“I want to see Leo as soon as possible, so please bring me with you! In addition….” (Rio)

“In addition?” (Keisuke)

“I’m interested in Mister.” (Rio)

Interested in what sense? My heart rate goes up a little now.

“Why are you so strong? How will you defeat those gang members? Who are you really? I want to know various things about you…. I want to know more…. I want to see it closely with my own eyes…. Can I?”

“—why is Hero-sama so strong? Where are you from? Why did you help me escape from slavery? I want to know more about Hero-sama….” Elsa also asked such questions when we met for the first time.


My chest tightened. It’s a sad and nostalgic feeling. Still, I feel something warm inside whenever I remember the time we spent together.

       Keisuke’s mouth was moving regardless of his intention.

“You’re free to come along, but hold on to me firmly!” (Keisuke)

Those same exact words I spoke to Elsa, came out on their own. I felt like I was being driven by some kind of invisible force.

“Really? I did it!!” (Rio)

       Keisuke returned to his senses after seeing Rio dancing in joy.

What the hell I am doing? She is not Elsa. She was born and raised in Japan, a different person.……. Haaa, I’m really weak with this kind of thing. Well, there’s no use crying over spilled milk.

       Keisuke took a deep breath and called out to Rio.

“I will cast on you a magic that increases physical abilities. You should be able to withstand the wind pressure with that. But, tell me if it gets painful!” (Keisuke)

I will also cast Hiding magic, so normal people won’t be able to see her.

       After casting Hiding magic, Keisuke put his hands behind Rio’s shoulders and the backs of her knees, and then picked her up. He held her using the so-called ‘princess carry’.

Those two soft things would be pressed onto my back if I piggybacked her, and I judged it to be bad for my heart. Though it was a bit of a pathetic reason, I decided to use the princess-carry style, instead.

“Say, Mister.” (Rio)

“What?” (Keisuke)

“What’s your name?” (Rio)

“Nakamoto…. Keisuke Nakamoto.” (Keisuke)

“I see. Nakamoto-san, huh.” (Rio)

It’s a normal name. It doesn’t matter what she thinks about it.

“My name is Rio Saitou. You called Leo using his full name, so I think you know it already…. Hmm, that’s right! Nakamoto-san, how did you know our family name from the beginning?” (Rio)

“I still have some hidden cards.” (Keisuke)

Status Opening, is a skill given to the summoned hero after all.

       Keisuke then jumped with Rio, who was still pondering his answer, in his arms. He landed on the roof of the department store while listening to the sound of the wind. He absorbed the shock using his body movement, then immediately jumped again to the next building, and so on.

Rio’s weight is as light as it looks. It’s about the same as Elsa’s.


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