Chapter 11 ~ Re-encounter

In the end, four bowls still broke even after I made that vow to myself. However, this time, it wasn’t my fault.

The store manager piled up dirty bowls, one after another, into the sink. He had done it so fast that there wasn’t enough time to wash them. They fell down and thus began the day’s catastrophe.

Even though I was somewhat slow, the biggest problem was a shortage of manpower.

One of the part-time workers resigned just last week. The shop that had been run by four people, before, only had three employees running it now.

It was only natural that some trouble reared its head, and that turned out to be a mountain of unwashed tableware.

The store manager said, “Too slow, change places!” Thus, I switched places and moved to dishwashing, but the situation hardly changed.

Even if the person in charge was replaced, the problem would remain because as there was simply not enough manpower.

This is the responsibility of the person in management side.

However, the store manager’s personality wouldn’t allow him to admit his mistakes.

I was blamed for everything, and he scolded me in front of the customers, as usual. It was like some kind of arranged pattern.

“What are you thinking? Are you trying to crush this shop?”

I obediently accepted his scolding.

But in my head, all I thought of was Angelica’s smile.

Thanks to that, I didn’t get discouraged at all.

Some noisy guests are making a fuss, even though the popcorn is delicious. The girls staring are also cute, and I felt great.

(Is this the power of a daughter?)

I’m the kitchen of a ramen shop, but I’m so happy that I don’t think about the abuse that I receive from the fatty owner.

(Your father will do his best.)

I need to quit and leave this shop as soon as possible, and look for a job that can actually make use of my strength.

When I receive my salary this month, I’m going to go to Hello Work and start anew. That’s a part of my responsibility as the head of the family.

“People like you will never get married and have a family. In the future, you will die in solitude, and your dead body will still be a burden for the people around. Today is already over. I feel like hitting your face, so get out of my sight!”

I’m may be a troublesome shop clerk, but I think the remarks of store manager are a little too much.

No part-time worker applied for a job to this shop, because of his bad mouth. That is why he still keeps me hired. Black manager and black employee; It’s a binding lid on a cracking pot. I still feel grateful to him for hiring me, so I won’t talk back.

I headed to the changing room and took off my uniform.

I looked at the clock, and it was still around 2 o’clock in the afternoon. It meant that the time he had to choose souvenirs, had increased.

I pushed the time card and left the office one hour earlier than planned.

I walked down the cold road, aiming at a convenience store close by, to look for souvenirs for Angelica.

(I’ll withdraw some money from the ATM, buy some good clothes and tasty food, before going back home. She will be surely be delighted with this.)

I was told that she loved me, even though I didn’t do anything in particular.

I pulled my loosened cheeks and advanced forward. But then, I suddenly realized a serious problem and stopped walking.

I’m going to buy clothes for her.

In other words, underwear is also included.

Well, that’s probably the top priority. I mean, it relates to sanitation.

Angelica had been wearing the same underwear for two days after all.

But thinking of this normally, can I really buy it?

An uncle in his thirties… is buying female underwear…

It seems that I can also buy it at the convenience store, but I still need a lot of courage to do it.

What would the store clerk think?

It would be good if the store clerk thinks that I was asked to buy it for my daughter. If not, then what?

“Did you see it? That uncle just bought female underwear.”

“Horrible. Does he buy it for his own use?”

“Yuck, pervert! Does he have a hobby of wearing women’s’ clothes now? He, who was once known as a former summoned hero, is now being called a ‘dish breaking master’. So pathetic.”

There were some strange mental attacks mixed in with my delusion. It was proof that I have been driven into a corner.

What should I do? If it’s impossible to buy it directly at the shop, should I order it online? No, it will arrive tomorrow at the earliest.

Right now, she’s like a cat with a good fur. It’s human nature to want to provide her clean underwear, as soon as possible.

Human nature, huh?

(It looks like I’ve become an overprotective father without noticing it.)

But there is nothing wrong with being overprotective. I lost Elsa in the worst form and got the【Paternity】skill in return. So, what’s the problem with being a sweet daddy now?

That’s right. I promised that I’d become proper father, this time.

Let’s quickly buy what I need in convenience store and go to the shop clothes after that.

I switched my feelings and started walking again.

I spotted the game center from yesterday as I advanced several hundred meters away from the previous place.

After being mistaken for a voyeur photographer, I ended up beating down some high school students that I had just met behind that building.

The automatic door opened right as I passed in front of the entrance of the game center.

A high school girl came out.

She had long black hair, and her profile was surrounded by a refined atmosphere.

“AH!” (Rio)

The incontinent girl from yesterday, she’s called Rio.

“……….” (Keisuke)

Our eyes met.

I wondered if she still held a grudge against me. Maybe she’ll call her friends inside to come and take revenge for her, right there and then.

Since I was sure that her thoughts about me, probably, weren’t anything good, I decided that it would be best to leave the place quickly. I hastened my pace in order to get away from her.

(What a waste of a beautiful face.)

She dressed normally but still looked stunning. Based on her appearance alone, I’m sure that she belongs to the popular group in her class. I guess that was the reason why she hung out with people like that lion guy and his group, doing what delinquents would.

(Too bad. What a waste of treasure.)

While I was pondering such rude thoughts, I heard a girl panting right behind me. It was a girl who was desperately running after me.

“… wa-wait, you… wa-walk too fast.” (Rio)

I stopped and then around to reply.

“What is it? Do you want to settle the scores?” (Keisuke)

“N-No, nothing like that… ” (Rio)

Since she was not in a condition to talk, I waited for her to catch her breath.

For a while, she was out of breath, but she gradually calmed down. She fixed her disheveled hair and then tightly grabbed my sleeve.

The feeling that she seriously wanted to speak to me was transmitted from the strength of her fingertips.

“You, what are you? It doesn’t make any sense. Leo’s wound from yesterday’s fight, strangely, is almost healed and new teeth have started growing.” (Rio)

Leo? Oh, that lion king guy. I used recovery magic on that boy after all.

“Well, I guess that’s the power of nature. Lion is the king of animals, so he should be able to regenerate a tooth or two.” (Keisuke)

“Don’t play dumb! You did that, didn’t you?” (Rio)

She was concerned about the mysterious regeneration phenomenon and chased after me because she thought that I was the culprit behind it.

She had her doubts, or rather, she was curious.

“Uncle… I mean, Mister! You are psychic, aren’t you?” (Rio)

I didn’t have any obligation to answer her. There was Angelica waiting for me, so I have to go home as soon as possible.

I shook off my sleeve and walked away from her. But Rio followed me persistently.

“P-Please wait… I apologize! Yesterday was all my mistake! I admit it! I’m sorry!” (Rio)

She lowered her head to me in public. The angle was perfectly 90 degrees.

(Please stop that!)

When a middle-aged man and young girl are in this kind of situation, people would absolutely see me as the bad guy here.

“Lift your head! Do you need something from me? I’m in a hurry.” (Keisuke)

Rio took a breath and looked up at my face. Those were the eyes of someone pleading.

She really looked like Elsa when she made such a face. I felt a sense of déjà vu spreading inside me.

“Please help Leo!” (Rio)

The girl, who wasn’t Elsa, asked for help with a tight voice.

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