Chapter 10 – There’s Simple Method to Motivate Papa

“Don’t worry about it. It was part of my obligations as your guardian.” (Keisuke)

I went to the kitchen while trying to hide my embarrassment.

Certainly, the atmosphere would have turned awkward if I had looked at Angelica in the eye, so I used the only available escape route.

I shook my head to dismiss all unnecessary thoughts, and began to get breakfast ready.

We had a Japanese-style dinner last night, so I decided to make a Western-style breakfast this time.

I took a couple of wieners and frozen chicken from the refrigerator, and put them into microwave oven, while being disturbed by Angelica, who clung to me like a cat.

As the cooking process would take few minutes, I proceeded to put a jug of milk, some bread, and salad on the table.

“Wow~ Today’s food is similar to the food of that country.” (Angelica)

“Oh, right. I’ll teach you how to use the microwave.” (Keisuke)

I proceeded to explain the uses of both the microwave and refrigerator to Angelica, who had a dumbfounded look on her face. I also demonstrated to her, how to heat the food.

Although she was puzzled at first; eventually, she convinced herself that both appliances were part of the artifacts of this world.

“I will make an extra portion for your lunch. Don’t forget, okay? Just as I taught you earlier, put the food into the box, press this button and it will begin to warm your food. Since the heat rays are strong enough to kill animals in a few minutes, be careful not to put anything in but food.” (Keisuke)

Then, Angelica…

“A heat ray similar to dragon’s breath is inside this box…?” (Angelica)

I backed up.

“Wow! Wow! Wow! The toilet shoots water breaths, and the cooking box emits murder beams freely… so father was able to become the strongest hero because he grew up in such an environment…” (Angelica)

I proceeded to arrange the dishes and cups on the table, while receiving the mixed eyes of fear and respect from Angelica.

“It’s ready!” (Keisuke)

We sat opposite each other, clapped our hands, and said: “Itadakimasu” then started to eat.

Thus, a lively breakfast ensued.

(Now then, this is a Japanese version of western food, I hope she likes it.)

I watched Angelica as she raised a piece of bread to her mouth.

“Oh, it’s soft!” (Angelica)

She smiled. It was a heartwarming smile, a sign that she liked it. Just then, I thought that we had done well as parent and daughter so far.

“Is it delicious?” (Keisuke)

Angelica nodded in a cute manner.

“Father is so kind… I do want to be your wife after all.” (Angelica)

Angelica then spared me a sidelong glance secretly

(Stop it! What are you talking about to a person who just entered a father mode?)

As the flow seemed unstoppable, I finished my breakfast in a hurry.

I tidied up the dishes quickly before grooming myself using a nail clipper in preparation for work.

Although it is only a part-time job, I work for a restaurant and the store manager is especially strict about hygiene-related stuff like this. For men, keeping our hair long wasn’t an option at work, so was a beard.

“Have you cut your nail properly?” It was checked every day.

Even though it was to “prevent food poisoning,” it was still, quite a hassle.

I carefully grasped the tip of my nail with the clipper, and cut it off. This generated a snapping sound.

The manual said to cut them off, until the white part of nail tips was completely gone.

I completed the cut and finished with a nail file that was attached to the nail clipper.

‘How does she feel watching me do this?’ I pondered, albeit a little worried.

In my mind, an image of her disgustedly saying, “Gross! He’s grooming his nails with a serious face, even though he’s a man” came up…

(I wish I had not thought of that.)

I glanced sideways, and her reaction was…

“Umm… those cuts are deep… does that mean I can expect something tonight?” (Angelica)

She was just a female cat in heat after all. My worries were all for naught. It was disappointing in more ways than one.

How she was able to become a sacred shrine maiden with such a personality, was still a mystery to me.

I continued chatting with Angelica while harboring these thoughts.

I informed her not to go out until I had taught her the basic knowledge of Japan, or at least, prepared local clothes for her.

In regards to the ghost disturbance, when she has time to spare, I asked her to investigate it by herself (it was rejected with watery eyes).

As I began to enjoy the talk with her, she acted appropriately and behaved according to her age. I made random jokes and we laughed together. There was also skin to skin touching.

(Now, I understand the feelings of people who frequent cabaret clubs.)

After being called “Father” repeatedly, it somehow started to feel pleasant.

“Father! Father! Father! Father! Father!” (Angelica)

“You don’t have to keep repeating “Father” just because I look so happy when I hear it.” (Keisuke)

My part-time shift today starts from 9 am and ends at 3 pm, and it’s already half past eight. Regrettably, it’s about the time that I go to work.

“I don’t have time anymore. I need to go to work.” (Keisuke)

“Eeh~ please don’t go! Don’t leave me! I don’t want to be alone!” (Angelica)

“I have a job, so please understand.” (Keisuke)

“Muuu~ it can’t be helped then….. yeah, that’s true. Father was formerly a hero, after all. I’m sure you have a great job that’s needed by everyone.” (Angelica)

“Y-Yeah! It’s a job that is very fundamental to society.” (Keisuke)

“Wow!!!” (Angelica)

Are you a soldier? Are you a doctor? Or, a king?

I just couldn’t bring myself to tell Angelica, who was expecting my response with sparkling eyes that I only work part-time… at a ramen shop.

“I’m assisting a craftsman who supports the life of people, using technology inherited from the nation and has a history of 4000 years.” (Keisuke)

It was not a lie. I just used some exaggerated expressions to make it sound amazing.

“I know it. Even here, Father is a great person!” (Angelica)

“… You do have a skill to understand language, right? Over there, you can read the book to kill time.” (Keisuke)

“Okay.” (Angelica)

Angelica nodded in excitement.

In times like this, she tends to show her cute childish side over her mature side, and it was quite pleasing to see.

I wanted to pat her head, but I had heard that children these days dislike it, especially when it is an adult male doing the patting.

I guess skin-ship is out of the question, unless it is initiated by a woman.

It’s so complicated.

“I need to thank you for using your skill to search for the ghost. Therefore, I’m going to buy some clothes and food for you.” (Keisuke)

What I showed was a typical Japanese father’s behavior of expressing his love with souvenirs.

Besides, as she kept wearing that sensual dress, I didn’t know where to look. It resembled a wedding dress, except, it was more erotic. I couldn’t calm down.

“Please come back soon.” (Angelica)

“I will.” (Keisuke)

While trying to raise my spirit, I headed to the front door after speaking to her, and crouched down to put on my shoes.

(Today, at least, I will try not to break more than three dishes.)

Although it was a pathetic goal, I could not have wished for anything better.

Angelica sat next to me after I finished tying my shoelaces, a gloomy expression on her face.

“Angel?” (Keisuke)

Her lips sped towards me just as I turned to face me.


It was on my cheek, but the effect was relaxing.

“Have a safe trip, Father.” (Angelica)



I won’t break any dish today.

Let’s do my best.

Let’s open a store someday, and let’s build a house in a prime location.


I came out the house with such a good mood. I’m just a simple brain; I guess.

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