Chapter 9 – Bad Insects Repellent

From her pale complexion, how serious the situation was transmitted, —“there’s ghost”.

It was not just a rumor, but there really was a ghost.

Just one thing, I’m a bit curious about the reason she chosen “swarmed” expression. Somehow, that reminds me about fluorescent light on the ceiling. The carcass of insects which invaded in the summer, that sticky yellowish object.

Suddenly, the image of black ghost covering the building floated on my mind. It was way too sinister, disordered, and cursed. Such a dirty scene that made me want to spit whenever I remembered it.

“Was that a kind of evil spirit?” (Keisuke)

“I don’t understand that well, but my skill regards it as something wicked….. Perhaps something like a devil, a ghost, or an evil spirit.” (Angelica)

Angelica counted with a trembling voice.

“I don’t want to stay here…..” (Angelica)

(I don’t want to live in this kind of place either. I mean, who would want to live in a haunted house?)

I wondered if I should return to my parents’ house.

Explaining the circumstances while making up stories about Angelica appropriately. Living together as parasites there.

That would not be too bad, but by no means the best.

I’ve decided to become her father, so escaping is not an option.

In front of a frightened daughter, what’s the action a father should take?

“Leave it to me. It’s a father’s job to drive away bad insects.” (Keisuke)

I struck my chest hard while reassuring my daughter.

I’ll protect her from all threats. That’s the best I can do right now.

I put magical power on my fingertips, and started activating 【The Art of Law】 skill. It’s the image that matters.

I spun a shining thread around the room, into a shape of cocoon. I focused my mind while producing such images in the brain

“【Sacred Circle】” (Keisuke)

I casted a spell that reflected my will to protect Angelica.

The magical powers responded mechanically, and a glowing light wrapped around her.

“Oh!? Wait, please wait! This is enough. You do not have to overdo it!!” (Angelica)

I kept sending the magical power while ignoring the excited Angelica who kept shouting “Wow~ Wow~”.

This is a barrier magic that protects an area of about 300 meters in radius from a designated person, from every threat.

The ghosts should get blown away by my magical power, and should not get closer to Angelica for a while. The rest should either be purified or go to haunt another target somewhere else. For the time being, the story ends.

It’s just a barrier after all. To put it another way, it’s simply “super effective insect repellent spray”.

Though the insects disappear if you spray such a thing on your body, all you earn just a time.

The similar commotion will occur as long as I do not cut off the origin of the ghost somewhere.

Why did the ghost appear in this neighborhood? I have to understand that or I wouldn’t find a lead to the fundamental solution.

I wondered if I should check the cemetery around here, or if I should change the arrangement of the furniture according to Feng Shui.

I don’t want to think there’s a hexagonal stars drawn with blood, was left behind in some room by its resident who has died and turned into skeleton, and this ghost stuff won’t end until I hold a memorial service or something.

Angelica started acting weird when I was musing by myself. She was weird from the beginning, but what I meant here was different kind of weird.

Angelica was sitting while looking downwards with a bright red face, steam was also rising from her head. She seemed like a resident of a different world.

Different world in this case was not that “different world”. I mean, she looked like a character that ran away from a romantic love comedy space-time.

Did I do something to make her feel bashful?

“What’s wrong, Angel?” (Keisuke)

“I mean, Father just…..” (Angelica)

Angelica covered her cheek with both hands while making a face that seemed about to melt. It was the face of woman who’s longing for something.

“…..a while ago, it was Sacred Circle, right?” (Angelica)

“Yeah. But with your 【The Art of Law】 skill, you should be able to cast it too, right? Or is that unusual?” (Keisuke)

“No, that’s pretty famous magic that anyone knows about it, but….. this magic is usually used to protect the general in the war or the likes, right? One needs to keep pouring the magical power to maintain it. People who used it would turn empty and eventually collapse.” (Angelica)

“Oh, that’s a common accident.” (Keisuke)

In my case, I could cast it for ten or more times a day.

“Uuuuuu…..” (Angelica)

“So, why are you holding your head?” (Keisuke)

I observed a strange creature that was red up to neck with cold eyes.

“Do you want to know what I’m feeling right now? Because I fell down and scraped my knee, you carry me to a bed with princess carry, calling the national’s best doctor to check me, and make me to take bed rest all day long….. That kind of feeling.” (Angelica)

“What are you talking about?” (Keisuke)

“You’re overprotective! Why did you suddenly use such a big skill on me!?” (Angelica)



Well, because I’m your guardian.

This much is natural to do as a father.

This skill is something trivial for me, after all.

Or, was I overreacting?

I can’t answer it.



I felt embarrassed because she mentioned it.

Did I do something to be taken as doting parent behavior first thing in the morning?

Angelica kept looking at me with a strange look.

(Well, it should be better than being hated.)

It would be good if I didn’t accidentally push a fatal love trigger because of this.

Thinking about Angelica who kept directing such a sight to me, l got a reason to be worried.

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