New MMORPG Anime for Summer 2018

Shichisei no Subaru / Seven Senses of The Re’Union

  • Genre : Fantasy, Game, Drama.
  • Producer : Lerche.
  • Episodes : ~
  • Air date  : Jul 6, 2018 ~
  • Source : Light Novel.

Synopsis : There was a legendary party made up of elementary school students known as Subaru in the former MMORPG that enjoyed worldwide popularity, Union. However, one day when a player named Asahi got a game over, she also died in the real world at the same time. Union was shut down immediately and the members of Subaru were scattered without a means to communicate.

Six years later…..

Haruto is now a high school student and logs into the new version called Re’Union. There, he meets his childhood friend who is supposed to be dead, Asahi. Is she just being represented here online, or is she really…?

This is the story of an online team bound together by a promise made when they were children.




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