Chapter 7 – The Price of Salvation

“—I’m happy. To be chosen as a sacrifice, it means that I’m your most beloved woman, right?”


Please don’t say such a thing, Elsa!

My life doesn’t have any meaning unless you’re there.

I became a hero because I wanted to protect you.

Just the two of us, let’s run away to a distant place somewhere.

I don’t give a shit about the demon king.

This kind of world should just fall to ruin.

Those people who wished to live while pushing that painful role onto you, I don’t want to save them.


“—This is our fate. From the moment we met, it was decided that this would happen.”


Why does it have to be you!?

You are my everything.

Why can’t it be someone else?

Don’t you remember how those people treated you?

Forget about them! You only need to think of your own happiness.

You should be more cunning and more selfish.

You have the right to live and be happy.


“—Hero-sama is such a bad liar. You wouldn’t love me if I were such a cunning, selfish woman, right? You said it before, that you liked the me who worked hard for the others….. Don’t worry because….. even if you can’t see me anymore….. I will be always by your side… for eternity….. “






“Elsa……….” (Keisuke)

When I woke up, a familiar ceiling was there to greet me. A fluorescent lamp with a carcass of an insect stuck onto it, and its string which hung loosely. The clock on the wall showed that it was seven o’clock.

This is Japan, inside my apartment. It’s not another world. Elsa, who was gently smiling at me, is nowhere to be found.

“That dream again, huh?” (Keisuke)

The dead body of a woman who couldn’t move anymore was brought in front of me. The standard course of my nightmare.

I’m always crying in my sleep when I see this scene, and my face becomes a mess when I wake up.

“I have to wash my face.” (Keisuke)

I crawled out of bed and headed for the bathroom. I stood in front of the sink with an unsteady posture.

Water came out vigorously as I twisted the faucet. Using both hands, I gathered and splashed it towards my face.

I raised my head. Looking into the mirror, there was a middle-aged man with swollen eyes. The unshaven beard has made my face look even worse.

(If Angelica sees me like this, I bet she will come to her senses.)

Suddenly, when I turned to the side while laughing a dark laugh, our eyes met.

Angelica was there, sitting on the toilet bowl, doing her business.

“Y-You were there…..!?” (Keisuke)

The girl answered my murmur while flickering her green eyes.

“Yes, I am…..” (Angelica)

I was suddenly lost for words.

(Now I’ve done it!!)

Just last night, I acted all high and mighty, lecturing her to be careful when entering the bathroom. How could I screw up myself?

In the room I occupied, the bathtub and toilet were packed in one place. Immediately after entering the bathroom, there was a bathtub on the right side and a toilet on the left side. In the center, sandwiched between the two, was a sink.

If men and women live together in such an environment, this kind of accident is bound to happen.

For example, if Angelica is taking a shower and I have the urge to use the toilet, and come running to the bathroom without confirming if she’s inside.

Or, if Angelica is sitting on the toilet with lowered underwear, and I use the sink to wash my face while half asleep.

Of course, I want to avoid such incidents from happening. Therefore, after I had dinner…..

“While one of us is using the bathroom, try to stay away from the other party as much as possible. Promise me that!” (Keisuke)

I made the rule and broke it myself. I just set a bad example as a father.

“So-Sorry, I didn’t mean to peek.” (Keisuke)

She covered her crotch with both hands as her cheeks turned slightly red.

Her bare thighs were dazzling. Although her calves and her ankles were thin, they curved in the right places.

(Not good…..)

I didn’t mean to observe them so thoroughly but my eyes couldn’t help but get drawn to them.

I tried to distract myself by turning my stiff neck away. I thought to remove her from my line of sight for the time being.

“…..I do not mind if you want to see it, but please do show me yours later.” (Angelica)

“I mind it!!” (Keisuke)

I ran out of the bathroom in a panic. I could hear the sound of flushing water from the direction of the bathroom. I changed out of my pajamas while trying not to be conscious of Angelica. I also wanted to use the toilet, but I must hold it for a while.

I thought she was going to take her time, because last night—

“Ooh….. So, this is a bidet…..!!” (Angelica)

(Meihua: I did not know what a bidet was either, but Google it if you’re curious… I think a lot of Japanese toilets have this, but it’s less common in America.)

She has been like that since I taught her how to use the toilet last night. Every time she sat on the toilet, she would play with the button without any purpose.

It seems this morning, she’s finally cautiously challenging the bidet function…..

“She won’t come out anytime soon, I guess. Should I go outside? On second thought, let’s wait a little more.” (Keisuke)

I thought of shaving my beard for the time being. While I was concentrating on my shaver, the sound of flushing water was heard once more. A little later, the sound of someone trotting approached.

“I expected no less of Hero-sama! That facility was made to take a bath while watching your partner peeing, right? I think Hero-sama is a genius.” (Angelica)

I didn’t need that kind of expectation. But looking at her sparkling eyes, I wondered if she was praising me from the heart.

Are you really a shrine maiden? I thought.

I wonder if those people actually sent a completely random shrine maiden here, so I used appraisal on her. The result: she was a real, full-fledged sacred shrine maiden, and quite strong at that.

  • Name : Angelica
  • Level : 30
  • Class : Sacred Shrine Maiden
  • HP : 600
  • MP : 700
  • Attack : 200
  • Defense : 300
  • Dexterity : 350
  • Magic : 700
  • Magic Defense : 720
  • Skill : Language Comprehension, Sensing, The Art of Law, Fathercon (education)
  • Remark : Curiosity and libido are strong, but has no experience with the opposite sex. She’s targeting Keisuke Nakamoto’s body.

It was pretty easy to understand. There was a somewhat scary part but I ignored it.

The status value required for a rearguard was over 700 across the board. This could be said to be excellent status distribution, and she was best suited to be the healer in a party.

However, it’s a waste of a treasure in modern Japan. There’s rare opportunity for fatal injury, and when that happens, there’s a lot of medical personnel and facilities available.

Oh, but I might be able to use it for business by calling it ‘Magical medical treatment!’ or something. While modern medical treatments would leave scars, this would not. You could make easy money with it.

(…..I guess that’s a bad idea.)

If I do that, I’ll be revered as a hero or a savior by the people in this world as well. I will stand out and troubles will also come following after me.

I’ve learned my lesson. In this world, I will pretend to be an ordinary person and live a peaceful life.

I stroked my chin and headed for the toilet while checking my newly shaved face.

“Sensing skill, huh? Good timing, let’s ask her!” (Keisuke)

I went to look for Angelica after I finished washing my hands.

Proofreader : Meihua





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    1. crap i want it to be a hentai when i read *curiosity and libido are strong she target MC body*
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  1. Is there actual romance in this or just a Father novel?
    Or the latter then cough usagi drop cough

  2. Poor guy can’t even go into sports related jobs because he’ll stick out like a sore thumb… Pro-wres? he’ll probably break his opponent like those plates; Baseball? watch him punch a hole through the batter’s swing (as well as the wall behind him). Only thing he can do is construction jobs…

  3. Bidet is a holy creation of Japan. Those automatic machines are the gateway to heaven. Once you experience it you cannot forget the sensation forever.

    Oh and it’s a world apart from the puny splashing gun thing in the Asian country.

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