New MMORPG Anime for Summer 2018

Shichisei no Subaru / Seven Senses of The Re’Union Genre : Fantasy, Game, Drama. Producer : Lerche. Episodes : ~ Air date  : Jul 6, 2018 ~ Source : Light Novel. Synopsis : There was a legendary party made up of elementary school students known as Subaru in the former MMORPG that enjoyed worldwide popularity,

Chapter 7 – The Price of Salvation

“—I’m happy. To be chosen as a sacrifice, it means that I’m your most beloved woman, right?”   Please don’t say such a thing, Elsa! My life doesn’t have any meaning unless you’re there. I became a hero because I wanted to protect you. Just the two of us, let’s run away to a distant

Chapter 6 – Starting as Parent and Child

I stared at her jade-colored eyes, and wordlessly reprimanded her actions. “You probably don’t understand your own feelings right now.” (Keisuke) “……….I’m not a child!” (Angelica) “But to me, you are. Grudge towards those who pushed the status of a sacred shrine maiden to you, the curiosity towards men in general, the admiration towards the