Chapter 5 – To Come Round

I asked the sacred shrine maiden who showed a bright captivating smile, a question while flinching.

“H-How old are you…..? In this country, women can’t marry unless they’re at least sixteen years old.” (Keisuke)

“What a coincidence! I just turned sixteen last month, so there’s no problem.” (Angelica)

“That’s right! Even if you’re sixteen years old, you’re still a minor and need permission from your guardian to get married! You have no guardians in this world so no one will give it.” (Keisuke)

To a person who knows law, there would be many holes to be found in this logic. In this case, it was good thing because the opponent was her.

In the first place, it didn’t make any sense to suddenly be told to marry someone from another world. A foreigner who didn’t have a family registration and an ID card wouldn’t pass the marriage system.

“Then, how about having Hero-sama become my guardian?” (Angelica)

She said nonchalantly.

“Guardian…..? Me? You mean, become your foster father?” (Keisuke)

“Yes. Since I’ve never seen my father’s face, I’ve wanted to know what it’s like to have a father since a long time ago. In the temple, there were many nannies and mother figures, but there was no father figure.” (Angelica)

“Oh, I see….. Okay, starting from today, we are parent and child. Are you satisfied?” (Keisuke)

“Yeah!” (Angelica)

“Then, don’t cling to me.” (Keisuke)

“Eeh~” (Angelica)

I pushed Angelica aside and got up.

“A father and a daughter shouldn’t do this kind of thing. Do you understand?” (Keisuke)

“I don’t understand. As a father, Hero-sama has the authority to allow me to get married, so there’s nothing else that prevents us from getting married, no?” (Angelica)

“As if such a devilish father exists!” (Keisuke)

“Why can’t we get married? We are a father and daughter that are not related by blood, so there’s no problem, is there?” (Angelica)

I shook my head.

“I want to have a baby from Father.” (Angelica)

“That’s absurd!” (Keisuke)

Angelica sat quietly while hugging her knees. Her lips pouted while her face showed dissatisfaction.

“Besides….. I love Hero-sama.” (Angelica)

“That’s a lie. We just met a moment ago.” (Keisuke)

I thought about what kind of rebuttal she would come up with this time, but she said nothing. Instead, her face turned sorrowful and she fell silent.

(What’s with that wounded reaction? …..are you serious?)

I suddenly thought I had just made a terrible mistake.

While I was panicking, Angelica spoke softly while looking into the air.

“I volunteered myself.” (Angelica)

Her voice wavered and her body trembled.

“Last month, we were asked if there was someone among the sacred shrine maidens who could be married to Hero-sama. Six sacred shrine maidens volunteered. Further judgement was made and the most suitable candidate was sent. That’s me.” (Angelica)

Her body stopped trembling.

“When volunteering yourself, have you ever thought that you would be sent to my world? So, why…..!?” (Keisuke)

“You are the hero who defeated the demon king.” (Angelica)

“Is this because of my strength?” (Keisuke)

“There was also that reason, but….. I thought that I needed to help Hero-sama…..” (Angelica)

Angelica paused.

“I meant, isn’t Hero-sama too pitiful? You saved our world at the cost of something dear to you. But after that, you were sent back home without receiving anything in return.” (Angelica)

“I see….. pity, huh?” (Keisuke)

“Mou! You make it sound so bad.” (Angelica)

Angelica puffed up her cheeks and approached me on all fours. In the pose of a so-called female leopard, a pure white valley is visible from her cleavage.

“Hero-sama and I are the same.” (Angelica)

“The same?” (Keisuke)

“Natural disaster and disease; because people were afraid of these things, they offered babies to God. The sacred shrine maidens would never get in contact with men to keep their body pure, shackled for the rest of their life. In that way, sacred shrine maidens were used as objects to please God.” (Angelica)

The small hand of the girl touched mine.

“Hero-sama is the strength, while we are dedicating our chastity to the people. Our lives are used for others, and we are the sacrifices. So, what’s the difference?” (Angelica)

“—I’m happy. To be chosen as a sacrifice, it means that I’m your most beloved woman, right?”

The word “sacrifice” brought back my memories of Elsa.

I’m a sacrifice. The hero is a sacrifice for the masses. —I had convinced myself that this was the way life, that’s couldn’t be helped, but…..

“Together with me, why don’t we take back the life that has been crushed by everyone else?” (Angelica)

Angelica’s fingers caressed my cheek.

“Let’s get revenge to soothe our hearts….. Being happier than those people and regaining our true selves.” (Angelica)

“True… self…” (Keisuke)

“I was quite scared before I met Hero-sama. I wondered what kind of person Hero-sama was. But, it’s okay now….. Hero-sama is cuter than I thought. You have eyes that look very lonely. It seems you can’t forget about Elsa-san yet.” (Angelica)

Slowly, she put her soft lips to mine. They were soft, damp, and moist lips that would be enough to ignite lust.

However, it has a reversed effect. It was a big mistake to say Elsa’s name in front of me. I felt my emotions rapidly getting colder.


The only woman that I ever loved…..

The woman I killed…..

… not YOU!!


I gently grabbed her shoulder and pushed her away.

“Let’s stop this.” (Keisuke)

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  1. Thank you. Being sent back with magic powers is preferable to being enslaved or killed when that world doesn’t need the hero.

    1. Although you might be right with most hero storys, this hero at list would have preferred that. Its sad but true

  2. Interesting concept, and not bad writing. I’m not exactly captivated, but I’m intrigued enough to to put this on my follow ,list for now. Thank you for the translation.

  3. Thanks for the chapter, now the author is just a teaser, I want to know more about this sacrífice, and the Heroe of when he was there. I am liking this novel a lot.

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