Chapter 3 – Lion Hunting

I called up a status window by muttering in a low voice. In an instant, a semi-transparent rectangle jumped into sight. The detailed specifications of the boy who was scowling at me were listed on it.

  • Name : Saitou Shishiou
  • Level : 1
  • Class : High School Boy
  • HP : 100
  • MP : 0
  • Attack : 115
  • Defense : 110
  • Dexterity : 100
  • Magic : 0
  • Magic Defense : 80
  • Skill : none
  • Remark : He could care less about his gaudy name. But if you make fun of it, he will go berserk.

You…. Did you turn wild because of your name? I feel sympathy, but, this is hilarious. (Note: Shishiou = ‘Shishi’ : Lion + ‘Ou’ : King)

Speaking of which, the ability value of an average adult man is around 100. Considering that, it can be said that he’s a modern Japanese person with strength.

However, he’s picking a fight with a wrong opponent. I don’t mean to brag but my status is as follows:

  • Name : Nakamoto Keisuke
  • Level : 227
  • Class : Hero, Ramen Shop Clerk
  • HP : 55060
  • MP : 42110
  • Attack : 52390
  • Defense : 45680
  • Dexterity : 45000
  • Magic : 51940
  • Magic Defense : 51770
  • Skill : Language Comprehension, Status Appraisal, Nutritional Management, Combo, Mind’s Eyes, The Art of Law, Paternity.
  • Remark : The former hero who once paid a great price to save an another world and was trapped in guilty consciousness.

Far from trying not to lose, this was a question of how far I could go without killing them. The difference in our power, it was like comparing a dinosaur to an ant. Our basic specifications as creatures were simply too different. Trying not to crush them under my foot was the best thing I could do.

“Hey, why are you smiling alone? ”

I came back to my senses when the boy with the lion name spoke. My mouth had apparently loosened and formed a smile unconsciously. My body might be itching for fight after so long.

(Nice, I was just getting irritated.)

My mind was always under pressure so as not to break the dishes when I was working. I wanted to run wild once in a while. I was about to hit my limit soon.

I left the game center surrounded by a group of high school students. They almost looked like my bodyguards. But in reality, the hunter was being guarded by the prey, how ridiculous.

“How far should I follow?”

King Leo Boy and his group ignored my words and kept walking silently. The high school girl called Rio was also following.

Leo and Rio, huh? Come to think of it, both of their names are lion-ish. I wonder if the two are going out —I thought.

After walking for about two minutes, at a corner surrounded by a wire mesh fence and hidden from public sight, their feet stopped. It was just around the back door of the arcade, The Lion’s Turf.

While I was observing the surroundings, King Leo Boy, who was walking at the front, turned around.

“So, how much do you have?”

It seemed that whether or not I had anything was of no consequence to him. He threatened me while shoving his hands into my pockets, right away.

“If you become our ATM on a regular basis, I won’t tell the police.”

There are various things I want to point out. First of all, I don’t have money, I haven’t done any kind of voyeurism, and I’m not afraid of the police. And this is the most important thing, your name is too interesting, so I don’t feel tense at all.

I don’t give a shit about the police —I want to shout it out in a musical style.

“Do you always earn pocket money like this? The wisdom of living in the savanna, that kind of thing?”


“King Leo, I see you’re eager to hunt even though you’re a male.”

“Hey, who the hell told this old man my name!? Rio?”

Rio winced and shook her head when her name was suddenly called.

(The way they interact, I guess the two aren’t in a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. Well, it’s not like I care.)

I’ll rile him up a little more for the sake of reducing my guilty conscience. Because right now, I’m going to destroy the face of this high school student.

“I’ll kill you!!”

King Leo grabbed my lapels.

If I don’t look at my opponent’s face, it feels like I’m fighting against a monster. I can’t help but feel amused.

“Don’t laugh!!”

A blow from his knee landed on my abdomen.

Good. With this, it will be a legitimate self-defense act. It’s wonderful that he acted first. No matter what is said, you’ll need a just cause to use the power you wield. For the sake of saving the world or whatever.

“This is to protect myself, I guess?”


“You used violence on me. Because of that, I will reluctantly fight back with violence too.”

“What nonsense have you been spouting since a while ago—guubuhhh!?”

A great deal of white gravel flew out after I shot an uppercut with my left hand. The true identity of that white gravel was King Leo’s teeth.

A clean and direct hit connected to his lower jaw. The inside of his mouth must be a mess.

Even though he was given a name related to a lion, he wouldn’t be able to eat something solid like meat for the time being. He would enjoy life as an herbivore animal while sipping rice gruel.

“Ughh…..cough….. cough….. cough…..”

I wondered what the other guys think about their companion who is holding his mouth while crouching down. Would they help? Would they jump at me together?

There were still four boys and three girls left. The other side still has the advantage in numbers, huh? I taunted them again in a light tone.

The provocation was successful; two blond boys jumped at me together.

I concentrated my consciousness and activated a skill. Horizontal windows and strings of characters were displayed in my field of view.

【 Hero Keisuke exercises Mind’s Eyes skill. 50% increase in avoidance rate and accuracy. 】

【 While using the skill, 2 MP will be consumed every second. 】

The world slowed down in an instant. It wasn’t like I was manipulating time or anything. My kinetic vision and cognitive abilities were just being boosted at an accelerated pace.

Their fists were approaching me from the left and the right. I stretched out my hands, caught them, and twisted them. With a cracking sound, their arms bent in a strange direction.

” “ARRRRGGGG……..” ”

While listening to their screams, I terminated the skill. The flow of time returned to normal. It was just an elementary level technique in the other world. But when doing this here, it feels like seeing the future a few seconds ahead.

“Do you still want to continue?”

The answer to this question never came. Instead, it was pessimistic whining that sounded from their mouths.

“Crap, he must be doing martial arts or something!”

“Run! Let’s run away!”

“Let’s go….. Don’t come! Don’t come here! Hihyaaaaa!!!!!”

The group of high school students ran away like scattering baby spiders. The only people who remained were King Leo, who was unconscious, and Rio, who fell on her butt while trembling.

“……….the strong bond between delinquents, I guess it’s just fiction.”

Leaving their injured friend and this girl behind without hesitation. In both the other world and this one, everything is the same: people tend to think only about themselves in an emergency situation.

I approached King Leo who was lying on the ground while convulsing, and casted automatic recovery magic. If left like this, his wound would gradually heal over time. I thought it was better for him to have some painful experiences.

It wouldn’t be good if I cured him immediately. In a week or so, his new teeth should be grown. He needs to reflect on his actions until then.

Too soft, as expected of a former hero…..

No, not that. I judged that if I left too many after-effects, it would come back to bite me later. I simply destroyed the evidence.

Even if I’m not afraid of the police, I don’t want to get caught in something troublesome.

“What are you going to do?”

I turned my gaze to Rio because the first aid had been completed.

She was sitting on her butt with her legs splayed open, and her skirt was rolled up so its contents could be seen. In addition, a small puddle was formed between her crotch. The smell of ammonia reached my nose.

“D-Don’t come….. D-Don’t come here…..”

Looking at her figure that was weakly dragging herself away to escape, even I felt sorry for her. I silently took out my smartphone and tapped the gallery icon. The images saved from the games and the photos I had taken with the camera so far, were all there.

Rio had an expression which seemed to say that she couldn’t understand what I was trying to do, but I explained it gently while showing her the screen.

“Can you see it? There are only pictures of scenery and screenshots from the game I played. Do you see a photo of your underwear?”

Her lips quivered.

“This is a misunderstanding. I’m not a peeping tom. I hope you understand.”


“Do you hear me?”

The half-crying high school girl nodded her head up and down. I felt like I was attacked by an unseen weapon.

It was the bad aftertaste of a fight.

【Nakamoto Keisuke has won the battle!】

【+2 EXP points】

【+1 skill point】

“Shut up!”

I closed the insensitive window message and turned back.

What’s the point of getting stronger now? Even though there is no enemy I need to defeat…..

Experiencing values like garbage, the uncomfortable feeling left in my hands, and tears of a high school student who looks like someone I love.

This is not something I’m looking for.

Let’s go home.

There is nothing that pleases me in this city.

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