Chapter 1 – The Hero’s End

I’ve done something irreparable.

There should have been another way to do it, but I had chosen the worst possible path.

That’s right. I certainly saved the world. I was called the strongest hero in history. I killed the demon king single handedly.

But there were too many things I had lost.

So this might be a punishment given to me.

* * *






Today, I also wash the dishes while being scolded by the store manager. No matter how many times I’ve done this, he will always find a fault or two in me.


“I’m sorry.”

“This is because you’re a former shut-in….. I guess people like you could even kill their parents, right? You will go and do it at one point in time.”

He spat out sarcasm with a voice loud enough for everyone inside the store to hear.

A shut-in? I couldn’t deny it.

If you look at the blank area in my resume, everyone would interpret it that way.

My background was rather unique. Because at the age of fifteen, I was summoned to another world. It was the so-called Medieval Europe Fantasy-esque world of sword and magic. In addition, it was in a strange space-time with a game-like system.

I spent the past 17 years in that land. Teens to twenties, I dedicated myself for adventuring, and before I noticed it, I was already 32 years old.

This was a story of last year, I went through such a long journey and I successfully defeated the demon king at last. Speaking of what happened after that, I returned to Japan.

“This is enough. Thanks for the hard work. Hero-sama should return home.”

It was more or less like that, a sort of lukewarm parting. I returned to Japan with a snap.




I thought it was a dream at first. Naturally, my parents were very surprised when they saw me suddenly appear in front of the house.

Well, of course. If their son who had disappeared for a long time showed his face for the first time in seventeen years, it would be normal to jump up.

“You were alive!?” and “Where have you been!?”

Those words came out of my mother and my father’s mouths. Well, that kind of thing happened.

The priests told me that they were going to manipulate the memories of those in my world before sending me back to Japan.

It seemed that the years and months when I was traveling as an adventurer in an another world, was changed to the recognition that “I was being a shut-in inside my house”.

While my memory stayed as it was, the memory of the people around me were tampered to be like that.

I didn’t know how they did it, but it was convenient for me….. No, that might have been an unnecessary care. I meant, it was related to my background…..

“Nakamoto Keisuke, 32 years old. Middle school graduate with no work experience, and a former shut-in”.

Because of this, I couldn’t find a decent job. It will be almost a year since I’ve returned to Japan, and I’m still making a living from part-time jobs.

Just like this time, I’m working in the ramen shop in front of the train station.

When I was in the other world, I cut the orcs (that humanoid-pig-monster) using a holy sword with a slash-slash. But now, I cut roasted pork with a Chinese kitchen knife. I’m indeed good at cutting pigs, but this and that are two entirely different things.

Sometimes, I wasn’t sure of myself. I wondered if I was simply having a long dream, and if everything about the hero stuff was just a delusion. The real me was in my parents’ house and was sleeping all the time.

But I could still see the status window floating in my field of vision and I could still use magic as well. If I was serious, I could even lift a truck using my fingers. Both my skills and my physical abilities were no different from when I was in the other world.

I’m quite sane and I’m a hero (former).

If possible, I wished I could go back to normal when I returned to Japan. Now I’m too strong and it’s difficult to adjust my strength. I need to pay close attention so I could act within the range of an ordinary person. It was a terribly restrained life. Thanks to dropping and splitting the dishes, I was known as a clumsy clerk.

Different from a cute girl, it was just unacceptable for an uncle older than 30 to have such a trait.

If they were in the category of my “owned items”, I could just grant them enhancement magic. If I increase their durability with magic, they won’t break even if I handle it roughly. I did that to my own belongings but the dishes here were the property of the shop. So, because I couldn’t strengthen it, this kind of situation happened.

I left the house just to be an annoying destroyer. None of the work lasts long.

I’m nothing right now. The majesty of a hero or the likes, not even fragments were left.

I’m at the bottom of society.

But I deserve it.

Because I’m a sinner.

When I think of what I did in that world, I have to keep on making amends forever.

“—–Hero-sama, you can finally beat the demon king with this, right? Our lives are not wasted, are they?”

Apologizing to the voice that resonated inside my head, I finished today’s work.

Two broken dishes. It was the smallest record ever.

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    1. The Middle-aged Man who just Returned from Another World Melts his Fathercon Daughters with his Paternal Skill

  1. this is really sad the other world ask him to kill XXX and when done they say fuck off and go home with nothing and waste 17 years off your life 🙁

  2. seriously man, if you’re THAT strong why not do the construction work, you can utilize that stupidly strength of yours and no one will be the wiser…

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