Let’s be an Adventurer, Prologue

Let’s be an Adventurer Translators notes: I’ve just recently started translating from Japanese and decided to start with this novel since nobody picked it up for over 2 months. Since I’m not very fast in translating please expect a chapter every 1-2 weeks. It’s fun translating this novel, so I hope you can also have

Update 10/13/2018

I’m back, with a bad news! I’m not going to update Isekai Kaeri no Ossan again until an undetermined time. There’s no special reason. I just suddenly felt like to try translating a light novel and decided to challenge one. This will take a long time, so if there’s another translator interested in this series

Chapter 14 – The Other World Hero’s Cheat Power

       Keisuke and Rio arrived at Gondo’s office. While looking up to the building, the two stood a little away from the gate.        Two-story office with simple appearance, that itself was within the range of common sense. However, the fence of concrete walls surrounding it, emphasized unnecessary defense force for a mere office building.

Update 7/20/2018

I changed my writing style. Here is the details: I’ll put space in the beginning of paragraph for narration, and use past tenses from 3rd person’s POV. I’ll write the speaker’s inner thoughts / monologue as is. I’ll use “_____” between the line for dialogue. I will use this format from now on. Perhaps it’s

Chapter 12 – Is it a Lie or the Truth?

“You went through all this trouble just to ask me to help your boyfriend? You’re sure a devoted girlfriend.” (Keisuke) “Leo is not my boyfriend. He is my big brother.” (Rio) “You’re siblings? You don’t look alike, though.” (Keisuke) “Of course, it is because we have a different father.” (Rio) ‘I guess her household is